Do you work part time? Or do you have one or more (repeating) days off a week?
Nothing is more annoying than setting the Out of Office automatic reply every day you are free.

There is no option to set a recurring schedule in Outlook.

Unfortunately, Outlook does not have a recurring schedule for automatic replies.

I was crazy about having to manually set the automatic answer every time. By now Outlook should know that I’m free every Monday? Why do I have to set it manually every time?
Remember Power Automate? That big blue friend there is to help you to simplify and automate REPEATING tasks! Why not setting my Out of Office automatic replies?

So the trigger will be; “Recurrence”; as I want (in my case) to be set this auto reply on every Monday. The start time will be every Monday at 00:00. (Feel free to add more days if needed!)

You can set it scheduled (begin and end time) or just enable or disable by setting the STATUS.

As shown in the image above; By using the “Set up automatic replies V2” you can easily set the start time/date and end time/date of the automatic reply. So the Automatic reply will be turned off for you automatically. If you just want to turn the auto reply on or off, you can set the status to “Always Enable” or “Disable”. In this example i want to schedule the Out of Office replies to only be enabled on the Mondays and automatically turn of after midnight.

To inform you about the scheduled auto reply, you can send a notification to a mobile device. (This requires to have the Power Automate App installed). Tip: don’t send the notification per e-mail to your own mailbox, as this could result in a infinite loop of Out of Office replies. 😉

This blog post is just to give you an idea to automate repeating tasks. of course you can create more complex flow to check your agenda for upcoming “out of office” events such as holidays.

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